Artist Development

Before the rise of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, there was a concept in the music industry called artist development. A label would sign an artist that they loved or an artist who they believed had potential. Those artists were usually just beginning in their creativity, but hadn’t quite found their “thing”.

The label would put the time and the resources into developing that artist, giving them space to find their unique sound and look.

In today's music business, the concept of artist development is pretty much non-existent for major labels. They no longer invest their time and money into developing an artist. They sign artists who have already found their “thing”.

The Curbside Vision Team develops artists to find their own unique sound, look, and even songwriting style and helps artists create a plan for getting their music heard by the public and record labels.

Our approach includes vocal coaching and stylizing, stage performance design, songwriting sessions, recording sessions and mixing and mastering.

You will walk away with:

  • A unique sound that is compatible with radio
  • An image that represents your sound
  • Master recordings of your original songs
  • A clear plan to go to the next stage in your career

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